Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little Catch Up

Hahahaha, okay, so my last post was on my way to the first day of class. And now I'm a week away from starting my second semester. Oh well. For those of you who I know are so very curious, I did get an A in my first class. So I figure I should apply for all those grad school scholarships now since my GPA is 4.0, and do it before I take any more classes and screw that up! :)
NEWayz, today was a good day of catch up. I have had 2 weeks off in between classes and I started with this huge list of things I was going to do with my time off. And as usual, I have not completed many of these tasks. And tonight, after biking 6.5 miles with my sweetie, I thought I was going to come up to my office and start checking things off. But you know, I got distracted checking email and such and I realized there were other things I could do too. Like fix my blog from all those photos that didn't show up. Or actually make a new post. And you know, I feel relaxed and happy knowing that I just got some good quality "me" time in. Sure, my to-do list is still looming, but you know, sometimes you have to just turn your back on all the lists and follow your heart.
And if you are still in a funk, listen to a little "Portable Sounds" by Toby Mac and it will clear any of that up....
So here's to the end of day well spent and to another tomorrow to accomplish all those "to-do's"!